Faces of the Market – Frank Scaffaro

Our ‘Faces of the Market’ series features a snapshot into the lives of our traders… One of Frank’s fondest childhood memories is helping out at his cousin’s fruit shop. Now, decades later, here he is with his very own fruit stall, F & J Fruiterers. Frank has been at Prahran Market for 26 years. Prior to this he was a pastry chef for 10 years. Despite Frank’s love for food, this isn’t something you hear him talk about too often.

Faces of the Market – Christina Park

Our ‘Faces of the Market’ series features a snapshot into the lives of our traders… The most common mistake people make when caring for plants is over watering or neglect, says Christina Park of Prahran Garden Centre. “Your plant will show you more than you realise. It has its own way to say if it needs more water or more sunlight,” she says. “When its leaves droop like a thirsty wanderer in the desert, it needs more water. When its stem grows too leggy, it’s tip-toeing to seek more sunlight an

Faces of the Market – Alex Knoll

Introducing our new ‘Faces of the Market’ series featuring a snapshot into the lives of our traders… For most of us our first memory of smallgoods would be hard to place but for Alex Knoll, one of the proprietors of family owned Barossa Fine Foods, it’s a not so distant memory. “Every Thursday after school when I was about five years old, Mum, Dad and my three brothers would go to our grandparents’ farm and make small amounts of smallgoods to sell in our store in the Adelaide Central Market,” h

We Checked Out Chapel St's Latest Dining Hot Spot

Good food, good wine and a relaxed environment are the driving forces behind Ramblr, South Yarra’s newest Chapel Street hotspot located just a few blocks down from Commercial Road. Heralding straight from the trio who brought us Leonard’s House of Love in 2015, Ramblr could be described as Leonard’s sophisticated older sibling—just with a refined palate. You won’t see fried chicken, dogs or loaded fries here folks, but Ramblr is by no means on the pretentious side.

15 Popular Foods You Might’ve Been Saying Wrong

Recently, an article in the Huffington post revealed that Aussies are pronouncing the much-loved wine variety, Shiraz, incorrectly. Yep, instead of ‘shi-raz’, it’s actually pronounced ‘shi-rah’. I know right? Basically, we’ve unintentionally botched a really nice French word and this time it kind of stuck, which got us thinking about other mistakes we’ve been making, and whether in time they too will stick.

Sneak Peek: Two Wrongs Dive Bar

South-siders, the north end of Chapel is about to get a whole lot grungier thanks to the sweet arrival of dive bar Two Wrongs located in the old Steer site just a stones’ throw from the Olsen Hotel. Self-described delinquents and young guns Isaac Constantine and Zachary Riggs aim to redefine the dining circuit by breaking the rules for what’s considered restaurant ‘appropriate’ in Melbourne. Think high-end meets lowbrow or fine ‘diving’ in a ghetto-glam locale.

Fro-Yo Combos You Need to Try Right Now

Counting down the days till it’s hot enough for you to head straight to your regular fro-yo joint to order up big? We don’t blame you! This spring, everyone’s fave snack gets even better, with a stack of new flavours and yummy toppings for you to get excited about. If you want to know the latest and greatest from all the big players in Melbourne’s fro-yo arena, get reading because we’ve got the ultimate fro-yo combos for you to dip your spoon into right now!

7 Gripes I Have With The Melbourne ‘Foodie’ Scene…

I love Melbourne, I really do, but lately a few things have been getting under my skin when it comes to the ‘foodie’ scene. Maybe it’s because I turned 30 this year and I’m not as patient as I used to be, or maybe I’m just sick of the snobbery that goes hand-in-hand when it comes to dining out. Don’t get me wrong, this amazing city is home to some of the best cafes and restaurants in the world, but do we really have to jump through hoops to experience it?

7 of Melbourne’s Best Sticky Date Puddings

There aren’t too many desserts that have a strong unified following like the sticky date pudding has. Just mention this bad boy and people’s eyes glaze over as they recall fond memories of sweet butterscotch sauce, lashings of ice cream and heavy spoonfuls of yummy rich pudding. While it’s not considered the most contemporary of desserts, it’s a go-to for many nostalgic Melbournians and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! We took the liberty of rounding up 7 of the best sticky date puddi
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